Recruit Explore March 2015


One of the most daunting things in life is to look for a new job.  Often, it takes hundreds of applications and lots of patience before that important invitation comes through.  Your CV has eventually created enough interest for an interview, then the next challenge comes along... the interview itself.  The first impression is extremely important, make sure you do it well! How to Make a Good First Impression at a Job Interview -


We do spend most of our time at the office or working.  It is worth our own while to make the most of what we are currently doing. How to make the most of your current job.


 Something Extra


Things you will regret doing in your 30's.



I downloaded Evernote about four years ago and although it took a while for the "penny to drop", it eventually did. I now use it to organize my whole life, from work to collecting my daughters art and even plan vacations and weekend trips.  It is a workspace for all daily projects, keeping everything together electronically.  It sync's across all devices, so you have access to it all the time.  Download for free


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