SCAM Alert – We will not ask you to fax your CV and Other Documentation

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Recently, there has been a new “fax” scam circulating the job sector. Even the most vigilant people fall prey to this scam. To prevent this from happening to you or the people in your life, take the time to read this article further.

How does the 086 scam work?
It all starts with “fake” recruiters. These “recruiters” post fake job offers and request that job seekers direct their Curriculum Vitae’s to their fax number. The fax number draws high rate charges from your telephone bill, which is always beyond the standard rate. For every page you fax, fake recruiters receive money. Therefore, if you, the job seeker, decides to send your CV to any fax number beginning with the numbers 086, you will pay a substantial amount of money. Read further, for tips to spot a scam.

Verify the source
This is very simple and one of the immediate ways to know whether the job you are applying for is legit and not a hoax. To ensure that the telephone number listed in the job advert is legit and operational, call the number to check if the phone line exists. If the number works, take a step further and ask questions about the job offer.

However, if the above does not happen and you are immediately directed to the fax number, it is an indication that the number is part of a con plan, and so it is advised that you avoid applying for the job.

Other means of communication
Another way to spot if the job advertised is fraudulent is if the recruiter does not provide other means of communications. This is a great way to decipher whether a company is legit or not, as all companies recruiting have an option for you to email your CV and other documents.

Exchanging of money
Remember, you should not exchange money early in the process, and most times not at all. You should only exchange your Curriculum Vitae and then wait for their correspondence for an interview or an assessment. Recognize that you have the right to ask questions about the job, its procedures and processes.

Why applying online is the best option
Jobvine, South Africa’s fastest growing Job network, ensures that recruiters/employers are legit and allow 1000′s of potential recruiters/employers find you. Jobvine invests time and effort to ensure that the job advertised on the website is legit, and therefore every advertised job opportunity that is legit has “approved” stamped next to it.